I have a galley-style kitchen. As you walk in the kitchen from the sunroom there is a large refrigerator/freezer on the left (you don’t see that in this image) along with a professional-style range. Counter space flanks both sides of the stove and my large stainless-steel farmhouse sink is along this same wall at the far end of the kitchen. The efficiency of the space comes from my long island serving as my main prep area with a small sink at one end. I work within a triangle as I cook–pulling food from my refrigerator to the close-by counter for chopping and preparing, and then turning around and having my range right there for cooking. The clean-up station–my main sink–is separate which allows a second person to wash and process pots and pans without getting in the way of the cooking. (That is often my husband!)

A similar configuration, i.e., creating a triangular workflow for cooking can be achieved in a square or rectangular space with thoughtful planning. It’s all about thinking through how you cook or bake.