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Writing Projects: 

In the course of my career, I have been hired to co-author cookbooks; I have been the writer for a chef’s cookbook; I have consulted on the development of cookbook proposals; I have assisted with writing cookbook proposals; and I have written copy for corporate clients. 

Editing Projects: 

I have been hired to edit text and recipes for cookbook proposals; I have been the development editor on several cookbooks; and have reviewed cookbook manuscripts before submission to a publisher. 

Recipe Development: 

Over the course of my career, I have developed thousands of recipes for my own books, for freelance projects and food publications, for restaurants and corporate clients, and for marketing and advertising firms. I love the challenge and creative process. Let’s connect. 

Working with Brands: 

From national commodity boards to artisan products to cookware brands, I have strategized on creative ways to elevate a product or collaborate in conjunction with my cookbook promotions. Always a win-win when I am seamlessly promoting a product or brand I believe in when teaching or lecturing, or on book tour. 

Speaking Engagements: 

My writing and editing skills have been applicable to settings beyond the cookbook world. In one instance, I was a guest lecturer for a dietitian’s conference, focused on rewriting patient handouts for restricted diets, teaching positive messaging for patients. Other topics include: How to Write a Cookbook; How to Develop and Test Recipes; Recipe Writing for Food Bloggers; and Careers in the Culinary World. 

Teaching Seminars and Classes: 

Along with teaching cooking classes at culinary schools across the country and in France, I have also taught private group classes in my home and in other local culinary settings. Reach out and let’s chat if you are traveling to Portland as a food-focused group and want an intimate setting to learn about the Northwest’s unique ingredients, or if you are local and want to gather for a private culinary experience. 

 Writing Workshops: 

 From time to time I offer small group writing classes. My focus is on skill building for recipe writing, proposal writing, and food writing in general. Let me know if you are interested in taking a class. 

Product and Book Review Gifting Policy: 

Before you send me a book or product, reach out and connect with me. I make no guarantees that I will post, tweet, Instagram, or otherwise use social media to promote your product or book unless it is something that I love and stays true to my work and areas of focus. I have made many successful collaborations over the years that have been a true win-win for a brand and my readers. Send inquiries my way. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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