It’s true, I won’t deny it, I have a fabulous range. We really saved and saved until we could afford this workhorse of a stove. While it may look spankin’ new, it’s not. This range is nearly fifteen years old and it has been through recipe development and testing for quite a number of my cookbooks. Let me tell you about it and why I chose it. This range is built by a small, family-owned company in the rural village of Lacanche, France. In the Côte d’Or district of Burgundy is where some of the world’s premiere kitchen ranges have been designed and hand-crafted for more than two centuries. The American distributor for these ranges is Art Culinaire.

I have a Lacanche Sully 1800 Classique. Yes, it is a 7-burner stove with two ovens and a warming cabinet, but remember, I am a cookbook author and food writer who does a lot of cooking! There are smaller versions of Lacanche, too. In the “professional-home-stove category” a comparable stove with a comparable price would be a 60-inch Viking professional range.

To my mind there is no comparison. I’ll take the beauty, quality, and functionality of a Lacanche any day.