Lucite Bins for my Flours, Sugars, etc.

As you tour my kitchen you’ll see I have lots of drawers. Drawers are the best for storage rather than cabinet doors with shelves. Spending the money on heavy-duty full-extension drawer glides will be a worthwhile, long-term investment.

I love bake and decided I would have my baking station right on my long island. I pull out this drawer, place my mixer or food processor on top of the counter, and almost all my baking needs are at hand. You can see I have baking powder and baking soda along with vanilla and confectioners’ sugar tucked alongside my bins. These bins hold about 8 pounds of flour, so a 5-pound bag leaves plenty of room to tuck in a measuring scoop.

I had these bins custom made in Portland. These nestle in, side-by-side, and have flat lids with an open hole just big enough for me to lift the lid with my index finger.